Performing on “Dancing With The Stars” would cause anyone’s emotions to run high, but Maureen McCormick seems to have taken the emotional highs and lows to an entirely new level. Best known for her role as Marsha Brady, the level-headed older sister on the Brady Bunch, McCormick seems to be anything but level-headed on DWTS and she sheds the tears to prove it.

Is Maureen McCormick so insecure it brings tears?

Being a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars” seems to have brought out a lot of insecurities in McCormick. Admittedly, she has struggled since her first night and been upset, feeling like she was not the best dancer there, and bursting into tears because she couldn’t master the dance steps.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, McCormick stated that she thought she looked ugly and uncoordinated, so she cried about it.

Maureen McCormick says she is okay with the tears she sheds on the set of “Dancing with the Stars.” She actually claims that she knows she is very emotional and that she loves it, because it makes her feel a lot of things that others might not feel.

Most adults can check those tears, why can’t she?

We expect a child to cry out of frustration and disappointment in themselves. As people mature, they usually give up the teary protests of not doing their best at something. McCormick, who is now 60-years-old, should be well past the age of resorting to tears over something as simple as a missed dance step.

It has been reported that McCormick has had a long time battle with depression and was even taking anti-depressants. She recently went on a health kick, exchanging the anti-depressants for healthy eating and exercise. While it is good to try to cope on your own, sometimes a sudden change in diet and medication can play a key role in physical and emotional influences in someone’s life.

Perhaps the sudden lifestyle change and the challenges of “Dancing with the Stars” is just too much to cope with? Whatever the reason for her tears both behind the scenes and on stage, one has to wonder how it affects her and her partner’s performance.Dance partner, Artem Chigvintsev seems to think her emotions help her to be the best that she can be, even though the waterworks frustrate him a bit.

This week also brings a double elimination. How will she handle that?

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