A perfect score on "Dancing With The Stars" has Laurie Hernandez feeling more pressure than she imagined this show would ever bestow on her. With a gymnastic past, Laurie knows a little bit about performance pressure along with the great anticipation while standing there waiting for those scores to pop up.

Perfect score puts the pressure on!

"Dancing with the Stars" had this perfect score show up early in the season as Laurie and her dancing pro-partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, saw all "10s" pop-up on their score cards only four weeks into the competition.

Instead of feeling a bit relaxed knowing they've surpassed everyone else, getting a perfect score did the opposite...it laid on the pressure even more than before, reports E! Online.

Like doubling the competition

Now instead of just trying to beat the other dancing duos with their scores, they are now competing against themselves while trying for a flawless performance to grab that perfect score again. Laurie compared "Dancing with the Stars" to her days competing in gymnastics saying that she was used to trying to please the crowd during her gymnastic days, but she thought this dancing gig would be something she'd do just for her.

Dancing vs. gymnastics

Laurie didn't expect to have any worries about dancing for anyone else but herself and her partner, but it looks as if competing in dancing isn't too far off from her days of her sports competitions. She said that despite the pressure brought on by the competition of gymnastics, she was able to enjoy participating in the sport just the same.

Strive for another all '10s'

She is feeling the same way about her competition on "Dancing with the Stars." Despite the pressure, she is enjoying her time on the show.

She was thrilled to get that perfect score, but it did put on the pressure to keep a high score going week after week.

Couples axed

Tonight two couples will go home and even though Laurie and Val have that perfect score under their belt, it is not anything that will save them if they have a less than stellar performance in the future. Val's mindset is even if they end up going home, as long as they are not walking away with regrets, then he'll feel "fulfilled."

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