Country singer Jana Kramer performing on "Dancing With The Stars" is amazed that she is still on the show after weeks of injuries and lack of confidence. Being very competitive, she knew it was time to step up her game with partner Gleb Savchenko when seeing others with greater scores and perfect tens for competitor Laurie Hernandez. Each week has a new theme for the performers, and the most touching event is the week of special moments in their lives.

Jana Kramer speaks out about her daughter.

When asked about her most memorable year, for Jana it was 2016. Not only is she on "DWTS,"but her baby, a beautiful seven-month-old girl name Julie was also born this year.

When speaking about her baby on the show, Jana related the strength she has felt after giving birth to her lovely daughter. With such a traumatic past, Jolie gives her mom extreme and sincere hope and strength. Jana goes on to say how her baby girl put her life back together after she felt broken. Her hope for her little girl is to ensure she never endures the bad life she experienced and never wants to see a man ever put his hands on her or make her feel inadequate. During this particular week, Jana and Gleb danced to “In My Daughter’s Eyes” by Martina McBride in honor of her sweet little girl, who watched from the audience. Jolie got a long embrace from mom after her performance.

Jana holds back tears after talking about past abuse

Ten years ago, Jana was married to Michael Gambino but endured severe abuse at his hands. Gambino was sent to prison in 2005 for attempted murder.Jana told reporters and those on "DWTS" that she gave away her power in past relationships and that her marriage with Gambino was one of the worst times in her life.

The man was put in jail with charges of attempted murder after years of abuse against Jana. She spoke of how she was embarrassed and humiliated to allow herself to endure such abuse for so long without getting any help from loved ones. Gambino was sentenced to six years in prison for attempted murder of Jana, and after being released in 2010, he committed suicide a couple of years later.

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