Have you been dieting? You're probably pretty sick of broccoli, huh? Would you like a weight loss plan that let you pig out on carbs? Try the "Dancing With The Stars" diet. For the Olympics, swimmers like Michael Phelps and DWTS season 23 Ryan Lochte eat tons of carbs for fat-burning energy. Lochte's DWTS partner Cheryl Burke says he needs to step it up. Maybe he needs to eat like he did in swim meets to get that Cha-Cha and Viennese Waltz energy up. DWTS Amber Rose lost weight by dancing her butt off.

Here's what a performance dancer and swimmer eats. Use this resistant carb forward diet to slim down.

'DWTS' diet apes Olympian swimming meal plan

You've heard how carbohydrates are the enemy in losing weight, right? Well, in competitive swimming, dancing, or any total body workout, carbs are teammates. Even actors, singers, musicians, and those in high stress jobs (like parents) need more carbs to sustain performance energy levels. The trick to fat burn is to eat good carbs and limit bad junk carbs.

What's a good carb? Another name is resistant starch--foods that stick with you, and burn slowly to keep you filled. Hint--refined sugar is not one of those good carbs, but potatoes (steamed), brown rice, and (high fiber whole grain) pasta are. So are whole grain bread and low-sugar high-protein bagels--all the diet no-no foods. Swimmers also notoriously drink chocolate milk before practice and meets.

To eat these and burn fat you must exercise regularly.

Resistant starch diet

If you're dieting, you've probably read so many conflicting reports on eat this, don't eat that, that they're ready to throw the books out the window. There's not a definitive answer beyond cutting back on junk food, especially refined sugar and sugary, saturated, or trans-fat foods. As to carbs, the jury is still out. Some swear they've lost weight specifically by eating good carbs.

So what is resistant starch? The best are not fully ripe bananas, apples, oatmeal, couscous, beans, lentils, and foods with lots of dietary fiber (soluble and insoluble), both have a function. But what about the promised pasta? That works too as long as you choose the high protein, whole grain, extra fiber kind like Barilla Protein Plus. For that fat-burning alfredo, make your sauce with Greek yogurt, Parmesan, and Feta cheese. Resistant carbs lower blood sugar, boost insulin sensitivity, help you feel full, are natural appetite suppressants, prevent diabetes, and aid digestion.

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