"Dancing With The Stars" is going through some serious drama this season. In addition to Ryan Lochte's live on-air attack, Amber Rose has been making waves with comments about the Reality TV dance competition. Amber recently revealed that she felt like she was being body shamed by DWTSjudge, Julianne Hough, after a recent performance which showed off all her curves. Rose says that the incident happened while she was doing a dance with her partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

"Maks dipped me and [Julianne] said, 'Oh, I'm uncomfortable." Amber went on to say she instantly felt "body shamed."

'Dancing With The Stars' drama

Amber Rose went on to say that all of the professional dancers get standing ovations for doing racy dance moves. However, because she is a curvy woman, Julianne Hough felt uncomfortable and that's not okay. Meanwhile, "Dancing With The Stars" professional dancer, Derek Hough, who also happens to be Julianne's brother, says that his sister was not in the wrong.

Derek revealed that his sister is nothing but kind, and that Amber likely just got her feelings hurt and was "bummed" out after not scoring well on her dance.

Derek Hough defends his sister

"You get your feelings hurt when you're on the show. I understand she felt bummed out, but to say [Julianne] was [body shaming] is definitely just false. Julianne's the complete opposite of that, and she stands for everything that's [the opposite of] body shaming," Derek Hough said in defense of his sister.

Meanwhile, Amber Rose seems ready to move past the incident. However, this isn't the first time she's said to have caused drama behind the scenes on "Dancing With The Stars."

Amber Rose thinks 'DWTS' is rigged?

When Season 23 of "DWTS" began, Amber was allegedly telling people that she believed the show was rigged. This has been a claim of other former contestants, and rumors have always run wild about the show show keeping Celebrities around for ratings.

It would be scandalous if Amber Rose's alleged accusations turned out to be true, and Amber is just the girl to speak out about it if she thinks she's being treated unfairly.

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