Abby Lee Miller has been dealing with legal issues as far back as fans can remember, including students suing her for being abusive, hiding over $700,000 from the IRS, and many other similar offenses. But her most recent charges may just threaten the success of her Lifetime hit Reality TV show, "Dance Moms."

Will the show come to an end? Or will Abby just get replaced by somebody else?

Everyone's replaceable! That's one of Abby's most famous lines from the show that she always says to her dancers, but I'm pretty sure she never considered herself to be included in her own saying.Miller recently pled guilty to fraud charges in June of this year, but she also was charged and pled guilty to a $5,000,000 fraud charge in October of 2015.

She is hoping to receive shorter jail time and a smaller penalty, but she already faces up to 30 months in prison just for the charge she pled guilty to back in June. This is causing viewers to wonder how the show is supposed to go on past the current season. If the dance coach is sent to jail or prison, it would only make sense that they would be forced to cancel the show. But, people are also wondering if maybe they will just end up replacing her with somebody else to keep the show on air. Wouldn't that be ironic?

Will former team member, Maddie Ziegler, make a comeback to help save the show?

It is no secret that junior elite team member JoJo Siwa has been recently missing from dance competitions, causing people to speculate that she is not going to participate in Season 7. Many think she has given up on "Dance Moms" to pursue other projects and although it looks this way, others hope she will not go down the same road as her former team member, Maddie Ziegler, and end up staying on the show.

Last season, Maddie was noticeably absent in many of the episodes, causing people to spread rumors that she was quitting "Dance Moms." Although she said time and time again that these rumors were not true, the season ultimately ended with Maddie leaving the junior elite team alongside her younger sister, Mackenzie Ziegler. But now people are wondering, will Maddie make a comeback in order to save the show?

As it seems very unlikely, if she did return to the show, she very well could save it considering views started dropping as soon as she and her sister, Mackenzie, left.

Fans really believe that she may be returning and are starting to look forward to it, but as a judge for "So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation" and joining Sia's tour, along with being an actress and booking roles for movies and TV shows, it doesn't seem as though she would even have the time.

Who knows, there is lots of great talent out there. Maybe with all the new castings for Season 7, Lifetime producers will find the talent they need to give "Dance Moms" its spark back.

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