So far on this season of Lifetime's hit Reality TV show "Dance Moms,"we have seen that Jill Vertes, mother of junior elite dancer Kendall Vertes, is very unhappy with Abby Lee Miller as her manager. It is apparent that within the next episodes to come, Kendall is actually going to fire Abby herself.

Jill and Kendall Vertes fire Abby Lee Miller

Throughout all the seasons of "Dance Moms,"Abby has had her favorites and puts all her focus on them. Mostly her favorites were Maddie Ziegler followed by her younger sister Mackenzie Ziegler, that is until they left the show last season.

Now Abby's favorites are her mini elite team members. This has caused much drama between the dance coach, the dancers, and their mothers. Abby Lee Miller also claims to be a manager for her dancers, but it is obvious that she only focuses on her favorites.

Abby was Nia Frazier's manager until her mother, Holly Frazier, dropped her as so and signed with somebody else. Ever since then, Nia has had opportunity after opportunity. Now, it seems as though her team member, Kendall Vertes, is going to follow in her foot steps in firing Abby as her manager with the hope of getting new and better opportunities.

According to Jill and Kendall, Abby had the dancer record thirteen songs, an entire album, that she was supposed to release over a year ago, but has been "too busy" with other things to do so. This was the final straw for the mother-daughter duo causing them to fire the dance coach, according to the synopsis of next week's episode.

Abby becomes angry with the mini elite dancers after they fail miserably at impressing her with their mime routine

As a response to the mini dancers failing to impress Abby at the last competition, she decided to inform them that they will not be competing in this episode's competition. Instead, she brings in "an old friend" to help motivate them to step up their game. Who is this old friend going to be we are wondering?

As for the junior elite dancers, they only placed fifth place overall in last episode's competition. But it is said that in this week's episode, they blow everyone away placing first overall with a Minecraft-inspired routine called "Mind Craft."Since Abby held her mini elite dancers back from this competition, she gave all her solos to her juniors who apparently didn't do so well. Kalani Hilliker placed fourth overall, Kendall Vertes seventh, and JoJo Siwa's piece didn't even place.

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