It's quite obvious that throughout every season of "Dance Moms,"Abby Lee Miller has mistreated most of her dancers. But now, she is playing the victim and claiming that her dancers are the ones who mistreat her. Lawsuits against the Lifetime dance coach filed by former dancers who were once on the show would prove otherwise.

Abby speaks her mind to the cameras on her junior elite team choreographing their own dance piece for the competition

In last week's episode of "Dance Moms" the junior elite dancers decided to work on their group routine without the help of Abby Lee.

The girls talked about how nice it was to choreograph their own contemporary routine alongside Abby's assistant in choreographing, Gianna Martello. They were able to have practice without all the yelling, stress, and pressure that their dance coach typically exerts onto them. They ultimately won first place overall despite Abby not being present.

In this week's episode, Abby told them that she was proud of them but of course, had to turn the positive situation, into a negative one. At pyramid, she announced to her junior elites that they were going to be performing a piece called "The End of the Road" insinuating that this may be the end of the road for these dancers.

She then went on to speak her mind to the cameras how the girls think choreographing their own routine is a big deal, but that while they're dancing for Abby and a part of the team, she is in charge of everything regardless and that if they don't want to do things her way, this may be the end of the road for them. She also stated that the girls are just taking her for granted.

Holly Frazier then makes a comment that Abby had prior knowledge that the girls had say in their routine for that week and that Abby may have set them up.

She also mentions that Abby doesn't like anyone doing anything unless she is in charge of it. So everyone is wondering, then why did she tell the junior elites that she was having them choreograph their own routine? This proves Holly's theory that she was just setting them up.

Abby choreographs a routine for her junior elites in Episode 28 which fails miserably

After all the drama of Abby letting her junior elite dancers choreograph their own routine and them placing first overall, she choreographs a routine for them which fails miserably.

The number places fifth overall (the dancers haven't placed that low for a group routine in a while).

The girls claimed that they were happy to have lost to great dancers, but Abby told them that although they looked beautiful on stage, they needed to be pushed in perfecting their technique. She also told them that they got a little too big for their britches and were in over their heads, and that they should just leave the choreography in her hands.

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