As “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” spoilers for season 2 kick off tonight's Friday October 21 show, Josh has almost immediate buyer’s remorse after hooking up with Rebecca at his sister Jayma’s overly-fancy wedding. When Rebecca finally said what we all knew since season 1, that she moved to West Covina for Josh, he was floored. But he can’t undo what they did!

Josh knows Rebecca’s crazy but…

But before you panic, they clearly keep on doing it. Can Josh get past Valencia that fast? Isn’t Rebecca’s obsession a bit terrifying?

Maybe not. It could be more of a turn-on. For a show so involved with its musical score, it’s no surprise they’ve changed up the theme song.

After all, she’s not the crazy “ex” anymore. Thenewtheme song says she’s not crazy, she’s just in love. Other lyrics include: Love makes you crazy, therefore you can’t call her crazy – plus – I can’t be held responsible for my actions, I have no underlying issues to address, I’m certifiably cute and adorably obsessed… Wow!

But what about Greg?

Rebecca shares with Paula an awkward text from Greg saying he “ducked up” at the wedding and is in LA with his mom who had bad plastic surgery and needs his help.

Rebecca says it’s been silence since then so that’s good since she’s with Josh and not Greg now.

Paula says Greg is the one that Rebecca really loves and she denies it. Rebecca thinks Paula doesn’t believe in her and Josh as a couple anymore. Paula says Josh just isn’t into her that way but Rebecca is in massive denial.

Will Greg turn into a crazy ex-boyfriend that will rival her “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”?

Get that lemonade ready!

It’s all about the music as season 2 episode 1 makes us fall in love with Rebecca all over again and a tribute to Beyonce’s Lemonade sets the tone for the sophomore season of this show that defied the odds to stick around on The CW.

Lemonade pairs love triangles with geometry to explore the dynamic of Josh, Rebecca and Greg. That tribute was the most expensive of the season but we’ll also see a Marilyn Monroe-esque Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend number

Crazy Ex-Girlfriendseason 2 spoilers predict another off kilter funny season – Itairs on The CW starting on Friday October 21, 2016.

Check out Rachel Bloom’s insane music videos that were the basework for myCrazy Ex-Girlfriend’s insane musical numbers.

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