"Counting On" star Jim Bob Duggar is not only a present part of each of his adult daughter's courting process, but he also has a secret was that he vets potential suitors in his family, one that was revealed in a shocking manner by soon-to-be son-in-law Jeremy Vuolo.

Apparently, Duggar has pulled together a 50-page questionnaire so he can get to know his daughter's suitors better. The existence of the questionnaire mentioned above was revealed on the most recent episode of "Counting On" titled "The After Show."

Why is Jim Bob enforcing such strict standards?

The big secret was dropped by none other than Jeremy Vuolo, engaged to Jinger Duggar, who remarked he was okay with the invasive process, begun by the Duggar dad as a way to learn more about the men who wanted to court his daughters.

"I'm sorry, wait a second Jim Bob made you guys fill out questionnaires?" questioned show producer Scott Enlow. "I got sent a 50-page questionnaire, I sent it back at 105 pages," quipped Vuolo. He then remarked that one question in the paperwork led him to think.

"The major question, where I spent most of my time was, 'Tell me about how you became a Christian, how you came to the Lord," the former soccer star added. The Duggar daughters didn't seem to have issues with the paperwork their suitors had to sweat over in order to get their father's approval.

Even his son-in-laws had to fess up to the truth!

Reportedly, Jim Bob Duggar came up with the idea after Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald began courting. He then made both Seewald and Jill Duggar's husband, Derick Dillard fill out the forms retroactively. Jim Bob Duggar also requires suitors to ask his permission before being able to even get to know his daughters.

"There's this feeling in the pit of your stomach like 'what if he just turns the tables and says 'no','' Vuolo remarked.

Fans continue to root for eldest Duggar daughter Jana to also find her true love. During a recent episode of "Counting On," the 26-year-old revealed this about her future plans for marriage. “I don’t really know what the next five years look like,” she said. “I guess in some ways [I’ve] got hopes and dreams like, ‘Well, maybe I’ll meet the one, and get married and have kids.’” She added: “I’m not just out to get married to the first one that comes along.

I mean, sometimes it can be tempting. … [Especially] in those moments where your siblings, who are married and have little ones, are going out on dates and doing their things.”

"Counting On" just completed its second season on TLC. A premiere date for a forthcoming season has not yet been announced by the network.

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