Comedian Trevor Joyner is a man who never lets a funny observation get past him without comment. In his new debut comedy special "Trevor Joyner Comedy Special: Free Lunch", available for rent or purchase on Vimeo, Joyner riffs on everything from crazy family members, police misconduct, marriage, racism, the coolness of President Obama, and Netflix addiction. The show is a 40-plus minute stand-up comedy mini-classic.

The special, directed by Chris Chavez, followed New York-based Joyner's return to his hometown of Washington D.C., earlier this year for his comedy special atBier Baron Tavern. After an opening-credits montage of the streets of D.C., Joyner immediately hit the audience from the stage with a bolt of honesty: "I didn't think anyone was going to show up", saying some folks have "problems with tickets and instructions and [stuff]!" The audience that did show for the special was treated to an evening of comic storytelling raised to an art form.

Donald Trump and crazy family

From there, Joyner complained about family being some of the "biggest haters." He observed that many times in Black families, siblings, aunts and uncles seem to think they can be a better comedian or singer than the family member that chases their dream. On the 2016 Presidential Race, Joyner mused, he didn't know Donald Trump was so crazy. When Trump says crazy things, Joyner said, "He really means it."

Drugs, race and gym memberships

Joyner confessed he wasn't ruthless enough to be a good weed dealer, especially when comparing himself to late drug kingpin Pablo Escobar as depicted in the Netflix series "Narcos". "When I was in elementary school, my mom told me 'if someone hits you, you tell the teacher'; so in theory, I've been snitching since I was in the second grade." From there, Joyner riffed on racial issues, including conspiracy theories about various levels of exclusive gym memberships, and gentrification, observing that he's seen white people "jogging through [dangerous] neighborhoods I used to run through!" On police misconduct, Joyner complained: "People talk about racism like it's a new mix-tape," and lamented that nowadays, you can see police brutality on YouTube in HD.

In the sex and relationship department, Joyner told a particularly racy story about a horny cougar he saw walking across the street---teaching him a thing or two about the sex drives of women of a certain age. Joyner touched on the vastly different, and rib-tickling reactions he got from men and women he knew, when they found out he was recently married (to the special's producer Stefanée Martin-Joyner).

Joyner's a really, really funny dude. Catch him when he comes to your town!

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