Chrissy Teigen has said goodbye to the Twitter trolls...for now at least.

The model who’s used the social media outlet to tweet out everything from adorable pictures of her family which includes daughter Luna, husband John Legend, share her comical thoughts on this year's presidential battle, andeven defend her friend Kim Kardashianon more than one occasion, even as recently as this week when news of the reality star being robbed in Paris broke, will now leave her fans clamoring for another way to get a hold of her hilarious and way too real tweets.

An Unannounced Decision.

Chrissy made the decision unexpected to turn her Twitter account from public to private on Tuesday night, after a fan instantly noticed the change and questioned the Lip Syinc Battle host about the decision. Chrissy swiftly replied that the change indeed did happen and it was because she felt,“not strong enough anymore."

Strong enough to handle what exactly? The model didn't exactly explain within that first tweet. It wasn't until a second tweet went out just moments later that Chrissy decided to give a lengthier explanation to the 2.88 million people that still continue to follow her on Twitter.

Clearing The Air.

Teigen clarified the earlier tweet and statement by revealing that it wasn’t the trolls or unwanted criticism that prompted this change.This impromptu decision came at the hands of her no longer being able to allow the negativity to so easily roll of her shoulders.Chrissy tweeted out, “I just feel like I am absorbing bad shit 24/7. My body and mind cannot handle it anymore."

Since Tuesday night, Chrissy Teigen hasn't commented any further on the decision.

Despite the decision to keep a portion of her life on the private side, theLip Sync Battle host hasn’t cleared out her list of followers yet either, so there may still be hope that the account will once again become public at a later date. Until that happens, her Instagram account remains open for public consumption.

Are you surprised Chrissy decided to make her Twitter account public?

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