After being away and taking eight years off, Chris Rockis returning to stand-up comedy after signing a massive $40 million contract with Netflix for just two shows. This is the most any comedian has ever received for doing stand-up comedy. Rock is also now ending a 20-year contract with HBO.

Chris Rock's massive $40 million contract

According to the Huffington Post, Rock is getting more than any comedian has received for stand-up comedy including such comedians as Louis CK., Amy Schumer, and even Jerry Seinfeld. One special will be one on Netflixfollowing him on tour doing his stand-up comedy shows all over the world.

Although the tour is being planned now, it will begin airing in 2017 only on Netflix.

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Netflix made a bid and beat everyone else out

The Huffington Post also stated that Netflix bid on the two different specials with the stand-up comedianand beat everyone out of it. He says he can’t wait to work with all of the good people of Netflix and can’t wait to get back to stand-up.

According to the chief content producer of Netflix, Ted Sarandos, Rock is comedy royalty and is a beloved comic and actor. Sarandos says there is no one like him in the comedy world. He also stated that Netflix provides the platform for his world tour.

They are so happy to have him on their network.

Ends his 20 year contract with HBO to go with Netflix

You might remember when he was working with HBO and had two specials with them including “Bigger and Blacker” and “Never Scared.” However, he is now ending the 20-year contract with them and will now go with Netflix starting a two special, $40 million contract with the popular network.

Netflix is becoming the go-to place for stand-up comedy

Netflix is becoming the network for stand-up comedy for many other comedians as well but according to Ted Sarandos, Rock is comic royalty. Because of them bringing Rock to their network, they say they are bringing fresh content to Netflix.

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