Celebrities are under constant pressure to look a certain way, even if the way they look doesn’t affect their ability to do their job well (like acting or singing). It’s sad when people succumb to society’s pressures, but on the other hand, people can get a much needed self-confidence boost from cosmetic surgery. Watch this video of 40 celebrity plastic surgery before and after shots and see what you think. Do they look better? Worse? I say, as long as they’re happy, more power to them.

Latest celeb plastic surgery photos

Some of these before and after shots of celebrity plastic surgery are very clear, but others are debatable, if you ask me.

I would say a few of them could be attributed to factors that have nothing to do with cosmetic surgery.

For example, Scarlett Johansson: did she really get breast implants and a nose job? Her before picture is from when she was just a kid! So there’s not really any comparison for her breasts, and noses can look very different on an adult face vs. a kid’s face.

In some cases, the women who are labeled here as having gotten breast implants could just be wearing a different type of bra. Christina Hendricks is fairly well known for being busty, and it looks like the difference in breast size here is because her gown in the first photo doesn’t allow for a bra with much support.

In the case of Christina Aguilera, breast implants are a possibility, but it seems like her breasts could have gotten larger simply as a result of weight gain, as she is also visibly thinner in her before photo (which were probably taken when she was 19 – she’s now 35).

Different lighting conditions, facial expressions, body angles, clothing, growing from pre-puberty into an adult...these are all things that could make someone look like they had plastic surgery when they actually haven’t.

Celebrity plastic surgery fails

There are, however, a few cases where the plastic surgery seems to have done more harm than good.

Ashely Greene’s nose job did not, I imagine, come out the way she was hoping. Heidi Montag fits conventional standards of beauty (in a Barbie doll sort of way) but is practically unrecognizable after all the work she’s had done. The same goes for Lil Kim: she definitely went a bit overboard, although I think her plastic surgery is really unfortunate considering what she looked like before she went under the knife.

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