The E! Network is debuting a new show Wednesday night that could snag some traditional “Bachelor” viewers. Professional football player Travis Kelce is looking for love and he will be meeting 50 bachelorettes during his journey to find love. Will he be successful?

Did the 'Catching Kelce' star find love on the show?

USA Today's For the Win chatted with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce about his decision to do “Catching Kelce.” He admits that he has never watched “The Bachelor,” so he tackled this adventure not necessarily realizing how dramatic things might get. He shared that eliminating some sweet ladies was a big challenge for him, and that was surely made all the more difficult given the fact that he initially had 50 bachelorettes in the mix with one from each state.

Does Kelce ultimately find love? He just might have, according to TMZ. “Catching Kelce” filmed during the spring, and as of the end of July, Travis was still dating one of the bachelorettes from the show. At the time that the site talked with him, he said he had found a keeper. Has the relationship lasted after having to be kept secret for the past couple of months and Travis now beginning a new season with the Chiefs?

Travis may have found love, but is a wedding next?

It sounds likely that Travis and his chosen gal are still a hot item, as just a couple of weeks ago he told “E! News” that he found a wonderful girl thanks to the show. He add that while things have been a bit difficult due to the secrecy, they are anxious to be able to go public and have fun.

The “Catching Kelce” star may have found a special someone thanks to the show, but viewers should not start asking about a wedding date yet. Travis says that he is currently very focused on his career, and he's still getting to know his final gal. He admits that they're not at the point of planning a wedding, but he adds that he “wouldn't have picked her if I didn't feel a certain way about her.”

Just which gal is Travis' final pick?

Unlike “The Bachelor,” there is no spoiler guru like Reality Steve sorting through sources and intel, so viewers will have to stay tuned to see if they can pick up on the likely chosen one on their own. “Catching Kelce” debuts Wednesday, October 5 on the E! Network and this one could turn out to be pretty entertaining from the sound of things.

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