Best known for his role as Dr. Carson Beckett from "Stargate Atlantis," McGillion is an award-winning actor who can be seen in the acclaimed Toronto International Film Festival’s "Hello Destroyer." McGillion has over 100 TV and film credits on his resume like the JJ Abrams' "Star Trek."His TV credits include "Once Upon a Time," "24," "The Killing,"" Supernatural," and more. New films are"(Re) Assignment," and believe it or not, a Bollywood romance "Heartbeats." 

Colleen Bement: "Hello Destroyer" has an important message.Tell your fans about this amazing film.

Paul McGillion: Its been incredibly well received. We premiered it at the Toronto International Film Festival. Essentially the movie is about the institutionalization of violence in sports; especially young males. The backdrop of this film is hockey here in Canada. It's about this pressure that young men feel to perform at whatever costs. In this film actor Jared Abrahamson believed he was a rising star. He plays my son Tyson Burr, and I play his father, and basically what happens is he accidentally injures a star player on another team.

The film systematically shows his demise, and his "ostracization" from the team, and from society because of this one incident.This type of pressure that's put on these kids at such a young age. Kevan Funk is an amazing director, andit wasmy third film with him.

Daddy don’t dance

CB: What can you share about your lead role in the Bollywood romance "Heartbeats"?

PMG: It's Hollywood meets Bollywood, and I play Richard Andrews.

I'm the father. It's the complete opposite--which is very fortunate in my career where I've been able to play lots of different types of characters. I had the opportunity to shoot in Mumbai for two months. Duane Adler wrote and directed it. He created the "Step Up" franchise, and this is his newest dance film.Shooting in India was amazing. I never thought I'd be in a dance movie because trust me, daddy don't dance.

It was an amazing experience. The people are so beautiful, and the culture was just phenomenal.

A jaw-dropping revenge thriller film

CB: Your film"(Re) Assignment" certainly looks intense.

PMG: That's with Michelle Rodriguez and Sigourney Weaver. I played a district attorney. I only have a couple of scenes in it, but it's with Sigourney Weaver, who is amazing. It's directed by Walter Hill, and it waswonderful to watch her (Weaver) work. It's a very quirky film that has essentially Michelle Rodriguez’ character as a hitman, basically a man, and with Sigourney Weaver’s character as a plastic surgeon.

Her brother gets killed, and she finds out exactly who kills him. It turns out to be Rodriguez’s character as a man, and she drugs him and transforms him into a woman. 

McGillion insisted on Scottish accent

CB:In "Stargate Atlantis"did youhavecreative input intoBeckett, or did you just do as you were told?

PMG: To be honest, I never really do what I’m told. All they really wanted for the character, initially, was to have an international flavor of some sort.So I got there and the casting director said so, what are ya going to do, and I said I’m going to do a Scottish accent.I did the first scene and he was like--good.

Then the next scene--good. Then I did the last scene, he was like okay, that was good. Get out. I was the first person cast on the show. To answer your question, during the filming of it, I put all these "Scotish-isms" that I’d put into it like "wee baby." Obviously I kept within the writing because the writing was fantastic, but there arelittle "Scotish-isms" that I added to the character. As the years went on I added the "Beckett Flair" to it. 

CB: What is this collecting turtles all about?

PMG: Well my character in that last scene asked Rodney totake care of my wee baby turtles.I would go to conventions and everyone would buy me everything with turtles.

Turtle oven mitts, turtle tea cozies, chocolate turtles. Finally I had to tell them, ya know what Beckett likes? Beckett likes Scotch!

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