Candace Cameron Bure is used to the camera crew, but now it's time for her daughter Natasha to take to the stage. "The Voice" 2016 saw the 18-year-old step up on the stage for the blind audition round, with her mom and rest of the family cheering for her backstage. For many 18-year-olds the idea of this pressure would be too much, but for Natasha it was a walk in the park with her rendition of "Can't Help Falling In Love With You" by the king of rock 'n' roll, Elvis Presley. But did she make it through to the next stage and, if so, whose team is she on?

Natasha takes a step forward in "The Voice" 2016

As Natasha took to the stage, there were fans of Bure on the edge of their seat. Would the 18-year-old succeed in her audition? Did she have the nerves to keep the performance going, even if coaches turned around? Fans weren't the only ones on the edges of their sheets. Bure couldn't control herself in the back room as her daughter sung.

All the practicing and adaptations to the Elvis song were definitely worth it. Adam Levine was the only judge to turn around, after listening to just 30 seconds of the rendition.

This was after Blake Sheltoncommented to his fellow judges that the adaptation of the popular song was interesting. As soon as Levine turned around, Natasha's confidence seemed to grow, as she knew she was definitely going straight through.

A Nervous Breakdown After Turning Around.

After the beautiful performance, Levine shared why he turned around: he heard a pretty rendition of the song from a girl with plenty of potential.

The problem for him was the "little bit of a nervous breakdown" that she seemed to have the second his chair turned around. He admitted that that was the reason the other judges didn't turn around, but their loss was his gain.

Miley Cyrus questioned whether the 18-year-old was nervous, which Natasha said that her mind wasn't but her body was. This is the hardest show that the girl will ever do, though.

It is difficult to sing when people have their backs turned, and Cyrus joked that it happens to her a lot because of her outfit choices. While Cyrus said it was a beautiful performance, she admitted that it was too tricky for her. It would have been better to pull back some of the vocal tricks and keep it simpler.

All the criticism was constructive. Now it is time for Natasha to move forward as part of Team Adam on "The Voice" 2016. Don't forget to tune on on Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC.

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