There's a new fad on YouTube and it's sweeping over the platform. Expose videos from former Buzzfeed employees are going super, duper, mega-viral. For anyone living under a rock, Buzzfeed is a multi-million dollar company that releases all types of content. Their relatable and easily digested content has translated into massive success and tons of cash. Anyone with a Facebook account or even just a Wifi connection has definitely seen one their videos, even if you don't know it.


But lately, Buzzfeed has been having a rough time. 


Buzzfeed's first controversy happened in June when YouTuber and Writer, Akilah Hughes accused them of stealing ideas from smaller creators. 

Akilah started a widespread campaign to boycott Buzzfeed and urge advertisers to stop working with them. Her callout seemingly ended when Buzzfeed's CEO gave her a cringy, passive-aggressive response, but the damage was already done.


Now, it looks like Buzzfeed has a new problem: Their ex-employees are coming back with a vengeance. 

Buzzfeed's been called out

Lately, Buzzfeed's been laying off a lot of their talent left and right. Between that and this new surge of creators who decided to quit on their own, we have a bunch of people who no longer have to hold their tongues. Several new videos have been posted about Buzzfeed within the last few months. Ex-employees who are looking to launch their own channels have struck gold with these callout videos.

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Outsiders are dying to know the truth behind Buzzfeed and their working conditions. 

So what is truth?

Most of these new expose videos echo a similar message. While Buzzfeed is a huge company that does wonders for a person's resume, the pressure to create viral content can be stifling. Buzzfeed employees are required to work exclusively for them and reach certain quotas in order to keep their job.

It's also clear that Buzzfeed values quantity over quality and viral videos over integrity. Whether these callout videos will keep new people from applying to Buzzfeed is unclear. All we know is that this new perspective is definitely something everyone wanted.

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