bros, the band that made headlines in the 80s-90s, announced on Wednesday that they will return to the music scene in 2017. The event is already considered "the biggest reunion in Pop music," according to The Guardian.

Famous for the hit song 'When Will I Be Famous?'

Remember the hit "When Will I Be Famous?"This song made them famous. The band remained famous particularly for this hit, but also because they inspired many young people to wear bottle caps on their shoes. The group split up in 1992.

The band will return to the stage in August 2017

The twins Matt and Luke Goss from the group said they would reunite for a concert on August 19th, at the O2 Arena, commemorating 28 years since their last show at Wembley, in 1989. Ata time when the reunions of pop bands are fashionable, the group will return to the music scene in August next year, but without the third member Craig Logan, according to The Guardian. Nicknamed Ken, the third member of the band -- who was often overlooked by the public -- left the group in 1989 and he sued the twins for unpaid duties.

After the split of the group, Matt continued to work in the music industry in solo projects, and Luke started a career in acting.

Tickets on sale from October

The tickets for the concert from 2017 will be on sale from October the 7th, according to the same source. The concert will take place next year, on August 19 -- which means that the twins Luke and Matt Goss will have enough time for rehearsals.

The brothers gladly remember their past success

The two brothers are happy to remember their success from the past. Matt said the most memorable moments with Bros for him were their concerts at the Wembley Stadium but also the band's last worldwide tour. Luke said that Bros was part of his life for 30 years, stressing that he is very proud of these musical roots.

Once their brand came out of the spotlight, Matt began his solo career in music in 1995.

He managed to sell 5 million albums and even to have a series of shows in Las Vegas, as a resident artist at the famous Caesar's Palace.

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