Brandi Glanville was the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star who was famous for not backing down from a squabble and for having theuncanny ability to hold onto a lengthy grudge. Whether these characteristics are assets or liabilities, she certainly livened up the show!In true Brandi style she recently revealed that she is missed on the show by her fans and some have told her they actually miss hating her! This "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star left a while back when her co-stars and the storylines became too fake for her to handle.

Fans miss her -- even if she does say so herself!

Now that she's being channeled by the viewers of the show to let her know she is sorely missed, will that change anything? Brandi came on to the scene of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"during the second season as a friend of Adrienne Maloof, which got her a part-time gigas one of the famous "Housewives."

Claws came out and grudges were held!

Season three came and Brandi was now a full-time star of the reality series and she was revered as those claws came out fast and furious.

There was a time when she fought with almost every co-star on the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Then on season six, she did only a few episodes and recorded a message for the ladies of her Beverly Hills zip code for their reunion show, which she did not attend.

Still hot in headlines

She's kept herself busy and in the headlines for the things she's done in the entertainment field. Her love life behind the cameras has also been a storyline that folks have followed.

She once shared on "Real Housewives" how she tried her hand at a lesbian relationship, but it didn't pan out.

Array of relationships

She's since been linked to men like Theo Von and Calum Best, but this summer she embarked on another lesbian relationship, referred to as a "fling" by the Daily Mail. She had hooked up with Cat Cora, who is the celebrity chef while appearing on "My Kitchen Rules." That lasted all of about two weeks, according to what an insider had to say.

Then Brandi hooked back up with a guy whose name she did not share. That was another short-lived jaunt because recent graphic tweets seem to indicate she was jilted and very peeved about it. This unnamed man got her gander up and her vile vocabulary going strong for her social media posts.

Breakups get graphic!

Posting words of endearment on Twitter like, "all guys suck back to being a lesbian" offered up some indication that she's done with men for a while. She then tweeted that she was once again single. Apparently the man she met on Tinder took another girl along with him on vacation when Brandiwas tied up with her working affairs.

She explained this in some rather vulgar language as the 43-year-old does seem to have amassed quite the collection of vile words that she doesn't mind using when she feels jilted.

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