Brad Pitt reunited with his children for the first time since Angelina Jolie filed for divorce three weeks ago. The Actor spent time with his children recently, a source told People magazine.

Star spends time with his kids

An insider tells the magazine that the kids are the most important thing to him, and he will do whatever it takes to see them. According to the report, a therapist was more than likely present when Brad Pitt reunited with his kids. This would be due to recommendations by DCFS. He and Angelina came to an agreement after a shocking report came out that Brad was being investigated by Child Protective Services following an incident on a plane in which he was allegedly verbally and physically abusive to their son, Maddox.

It's believed that Pitt kept his distance from his children until he was cleared of any wrongdoing. He also wanted to keep the drama as little as possible for the kids during a time when their whole world was changing.Angelina Jolie requested sole custody of their six children in the divorce documents while Brad wanted shared custody.The temporary custody plan recommended by DCFS continues through October 20. During this time Brad and Angelina will seek individual counseling and family therapy.

Pitt will continue submitting to voluntary drug and alcohol testing.

When will Brad see his kids again?

It's unknown when Pitt will see his children again. The therapist will monitor the situation and make a determination on future visits. For now, he has to have a therapist present whenever he reunites with his children.After Angelina filed for divorce, it was reported that she was concerned over Brad's alcohol consumption and smoking weed.

She released a statement saying that she made the decision to divorce her husband "for the health of the family."

In the meantime, Jolie's brother, James Haven, is helping take care of the kids. He's been depicted as the brood's second father. He's dubbed "manny" and has been very present for the family at their temporary home in Malibu.

Whenever Brad Pitt reunites his six children, it's going to be big news.

There's no doubt the kids were happy to see their dad again!

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