Brad Pitt has given in to Angelina Jolieafter days of divorce dramabecause he is so desperate to see his kids. That desperation has caused him to agree to a temporary deal including random testing for both drugs and alcohol, according to Radar Online.

The temporary custody deal comes in the wake of Angelina Jolie's bombshell filing for divorce. The actress reportedly will be entering counseling with Pitt as part of the deal, but it's Brad who must submit to the random testing for drugs and booze amid rumors of substance abuse. Moreover, when he does meet with the kids, that session will be supervised by a therapist.

Angelina Jolie focuseson kids

A source close to Brangelina's situation told ET that Angelina is focused on the "health and safety of her children." The temporary agreement is in effect until October 20, with both Angelina and Brad agreeing to follow the guidelines that have been set. That first visit with his children, however, will determine what happens in the future because the therapist who will be present has two options: Permit Pitt to have future visits with his six children that are not monitored, or insist on being there whenever the scandal-torn actor is with his kids.

While Jolie is described as focused on her kids, Brad is reportedly stressed about what he views as a "smear campaign" orchestrated by Team Angelina.

Jolie's side has even turned to the real-life inspiration for Scandal's Olivia Pope, and her closest friends have been working with her to advise her on her "aggressive approach" to attacking Pitt, added the source.

Brangelina divorce stars 'smearcampaign' against Brad Pitt?

As for the substance abuse rumors, TMZ reports that Brad has a history of using both weed and alcohol.

And that's where the versions clash: While Pitt claims that he stopped smoking weed and boozing when he became a parent, Angelina contends that he has continued to the point where it is endangering their children. Is Brad a "bad dad" or the victim of a smear campaign? It depends whether it's Team Jolie or Team Pitt when it comes what sources say, with Angelina's team continuing to attack her estranged husband for his lifestyle, and Pitt's camp defending the actor.

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