Brad Pitt reportedly wasn’t as emotional as he was during the first visit with the kids, but was very happy to see them, while Angie met with FBI agents. This is the second visit since Angelina Jolie filed divorce papers to end the highly publicized Brangelina marriage, and comes just as the temporary visitation agreement is about to end. The latest monitored visit lasted around two hours and was reportedly at an undisclosed and neutral location.

The whole divorce controversy started when Brad was seen to lose his temper with Maddox on a plane when flying from France and it turns out his eldest son is still angry with his father and didn’t want to see him.

Reportedly Brad didn’t see Maddox during the first visit either. As Entertainment Tonight mentions in the video at end of article, Maddox was in Angelina's life before Pitt even entered the picture, so he may be simply taking sides with his mom.

Angelina Jolie questioned by the FBI

As the incident happened on a private plane, the FBI got involved and while Brad got to see the kids, Angelina got a visit all of her own from the FBI on Tuesday. As reported by Just Jared, two agents spent around three hours with Angelina and the children at their Malibu home.

They were apparently gathering facts about the alleged incident on the plane, which happened when the plane landed in Minnesota to refuel.

E! News reports that when they asked an FBI spokesperson about the meeting relating to the incident on the private plane carrying Pitt and the kids.

That person responded that the questioning related to allegations, falling within the special aircraft jurisdiction of the FBI, and that they are still gathering facts in order to evaluate whether an investigation at the federal level was necessary.

Brad Pitt to co-parent his and Angelina Jolie’s children in the future

When Angelina filed for divorce, she requested sole physical custody of the six children, but the former Brangelina made a temporary custody agreement giving Brad supervised visitation rights.

Both Brad and Angelina reportedly agreed to family counseling and that the first visit with the kids involved a therapist.

A source told E! News that Angelina does not intend the temporary agreement to become a permanent thing and that she knows the Hollywood couple will need to co-parent together in future, but she believes what they are doing is right for now.

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