A six year-old boy who was fatally shot in a school-shooting will have a superhero-themed funeral service, reflecting his favorite character, Batman.

What we know so far about the shooting

Jacob Hall was one of three victims who had been shot during the Townville Elementary School shooting that had occurred last Wednesday in South Carolina, which had included a teacher and a fellow student. According to reports, Hall was the only one of the three to have fatally succumbed to his injuries while hospitalized, as the other two victims were not believed to have endured life-threatening injuries.

Hall had reportedly been declared clinically dead twice, but was revived both times by medial teams, but ultimately lost his life within Greenville Memorial Hospital’s emergency trauma center.

The shooter has been identified as a teenager whose identity has not been released to the public due to his age. According to reports, the shooter had no direct relationship to the school and was actually home-schooled. In addition to Hall, the shooter is also believed to have killed his own father, who has been identified as Jeffrey Osborne.

While the suspect is currently in custody, it is currently unknown if he will be tried as a minor or as an adult.

Hall will now receive a hero’s salute

Hall will be honored with a superhero-themed funeral and, according to a statement from Hall’s mother, he will be laid to rest wearing a superhero costume.

Through the aid of a charity group organizing the event, a Batmobile and a costumed performers, which may include Captain America and Batman, will be involved with the service.

West Virginia charity organization Heroes 4 Higher’s own John Buckland, who will don the costume for the service, said in a statement that they hope to “inspire people to takepainand turn it into power,” in addition to helping Hall’s family receive support in their time of grieving.

Hall’s mother also gave a pragmatic reason for the superhero theme, as she did not want the event to be too scary for the children, which will include Hall’s friends and classmates, who will come to pay her son their respect.

According to a statement from her, she doesn’t “want suits and ties and all that.”

The service will be held at the Townville’s Oakdale Baptist Church this upcoming Wednesday.

According to the Huffington Post, a GoFundMe fundraising page has also been established to help support Hall’s family.

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