The Bold and the Beautiful’ Ridge Forrester wants Quinn Forrester gone from his dad’s life but Eric Forrester wakes fully from his medical crisis soon and makes things worse on the son of Stephanie Forrester when he hands Quinn the reins of the family business.

Will Quinn punish the haters or turn the other cheek?

Eric wakes up but is in no shape to go back to work as CEO of FC so he tells Quinnand Wyatt to take charge until he’s better. This looks bad for Ridge and Steffy who have been horrible to Quinn.

Quinn will show up to the FC office and announce she’s in charge and things will explode. Ridge knows his hands are tied so what can he do?

Ridge will have the choice to stick around or walk away from the family business, but he doesn’t want to work for Quinn.

Will Quinn shake things up in revenge for the boycott of her wedding or will she be the better person that she told Eric that she is and forgive those who have wronged her? Will Steffyand her dad walk out of FC for good on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’?

Will the Forresters mutiny or make amends?

Many of the Forresters have expressed regret over the way they treated Ericregarding the wedding so now is the time for them to change their ways or dig in their heels. Which way will it go? Rickmight seize the opportunity to ally with Quinn.

Since Rick has wanted back in the CEO chair, he could play nice with Quinn since Ridgeis now out of the way.

This might be just the chance that Rick Forrester and Maya Avant have been waiting for to regain control over the family business.

Ivy Forrester is on the side of her uncle Eric and new wife Quinn, so she’s safe. Thomas Forrester might follow his dad out the door, but that seems a slim chance. Many Forresters might decide to respect Eric’s wishes for Quinn to run the company so they don’t cause another medical crisis.

Will putting Quinn Forrester in charge of Forrester Creations make or break the family business? Will Wyatt Fuller use his newfound power to punish Steffy Forrester or to influence her to reunite with him? How long until Eric Forrester is back to work on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’?

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