According to a recent report from the folks over at the Soap Opera Digest news team, "The Bold and the Beautiful" crew is looking to introduce a new doctor to the scene. The news was revealed from one of their casting calls, which is apparently asking for a male that's Asian, 35 to 40-years-old. Then it describes him as being very hip and cutting edge. So, that does sound quite interesting.

They went on to say that this role is currently set to last for a duration of three episodes, but who knows?

If he's a hit, he could stick around a little bit longer. They didn't indicate when we should expect to see him, so we'll have to keep you guys updated on that if new details turn up.

Donna Logan is returning later this month

In related news, we've also got another report from the Soap Opera Digest news folks that reveals actress Jennifer Gareis is going to return to reprise her role as Donna Logan. They say she's set to return on October 20th, 2016, but they didn't indicate if that's her on-screen return or just her return to set.

Judging from the way the report reads, I'll guess and say it's her on-screen return, so be sure to look out for her on that day.

Donna will be in town for something special

They went on to reveal that Donna is returning to town for a very special occasion. However, she might actually stay around for a longer period of time. We last saw Donna in action back in February 2015 when she showed up at Bill and Katie's second wedding.

So, it's definitely been a little while since we've seen Donna.

New spoilers reveal Quinn's about to be in big trouble

Additionally, some new spoilers have popped up for "The Bold and The Beautiful" for later this week, and they sound really intense and dramatic. It turns out that we're going to see Quinn find out out some extreme consequences for double-crossing a Forrester! Then we'll see Wyatt take a shocking position in the whole mess.

Caroline is set to return

We'll see Ivy try to take another surprising stab at getting back together with Liam, while Carter starts having second thoughts about keeping Ridge's secret all to himself. We're also going to see Caroline show back up on the scene. We're not sure why yet, but that should be interesting.

Then lastly, we'll see Ridge get faced with a major choice of keeping his family protected, or going ahead and granting Eric's wishes. Stay tuned.

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