The announcement of Bob Dylan as the Nobel Prize for Literature winner last week was controversial enough. Now the poet laureate has compounded the issue by remaining curiously silent on his historic win. The Swedish Nobel Academy has heard nothing from Dylan nor his agent. They're not best pleased by the snub, but neither are they surprised given his "characteristic" arrogance. But is it rudeness on the musician's part or diffidence? Is the Nobel winner planning to turn down his prize? How much would Bob lose if he gave up the award?

Music is poetry is literature?

Giving Dylan the prestigious Nobel is one of the most debated awards in the prize's history.

There are several reasons folks balk. Many people struggle to wrap their minds around poetry as literature to start with. When they think literature they think books and novels. Then extend that to include song lyrics as poetry and ergo literature and folks just boggle. Music is essentially just verse set to a tune and the academy felt it was time to recognize song lyrics as a literary contribution.

Bob Dylan doesn't present as poet let alone Nobel laureate

Or does he? As the voice of the beat generation, Dylan's lyrics stepped outside convention. And that's just what the Nobel Prize awards--people who press boundaries. So envelope-pushing Dylan seemed to be a good fit. But is Bob the poet or the plagiarizer? Of any musician, he's one of the most celebrated plagiarists.

That's the biggest problem people have with the election of Dylan for Nobel Prize--not that a musician can't win, just not that musician. It would be like awarding a reality TV show the prize! The swedes can't have been ignorant of his plagiarism accusations when they made their selection.

How much is the Nobel Prize worth that Dylan is arguably rejecting?

Each of the five prizes are worth 8 million kronor so if Bob doesn't accept, he's turning down $930,000. Would he do that? Well, as academy member Per Wastberg said, it kinda looks that way. They've heard precisely zip from Dylan since announcing the award even though it's splashed all over the celebrity's Twitter and Facebook page.

Even his public relations guy has failed to contact them. Wastberg says it's in Dylan's court and no one from their office will be contacting him further. But the Nobel Prize committee is a little hurt, not surprisingly.

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