The "Blindspot" season 2 episode 7 promo shows that former nemesis Rich Dotcom is back and this time he wants the tattoo team to help him deal with a problem. There’s also a shooter wreaking havoc at the FBI and Patterson is injured in the attack.

Rich Dotcom back and begging

Rich betrayed the FBI the last time they dealt with him so now the shoe is on the other foot. Rich is in inmate orange when Jane stops by to see the smooth criminal. Rich is only half of the trouble in the latest episode, though, because Kurt Weller reports to the team that there’s trouble at the FBI.

Kurt tells Jane Doe and the others, “we’ve got an active shooter in the building.” Patterson realizes the bad guy they’re dealing with has been involved in high-profile assassinations for the past decade. This guy is no amateur and the team has a life-or-death crisis on their hands.

Homage to War Games

Patterson sees a popup on her computer lab screen of a tic-tac-toe board with the message, “shall we play a game?” That’s a throwback to 80s flick War Games but let’s hope the killer isn’t planning on starting global thermonuclear war like in the movie.

The killer does a throwback from Mission Impossible and dangles upside down from a cord in the ceiling, drops down behind Kurt and Jane, then disappears before they can draw a bead on him and shoot him down putting an end to his killing spree.

Tasha taken and Patterson in peril

The “blindspot” season 2 episode 7 promo shows Jane on a table being threatened by a knife and others being taken down and dragged away.

The “Blindspot” promo video asks, “An assassin infiltrates the FBI – will they find him before he finds them?”

The shooter takes Tasha Zapata and then another team member is at risk when the killer sets off an explosion in the lab. Kurt pulls Patterson out and they run but then she’s taken down and Kurt frantically checks her for signs of life while calling out “agent down.”

Sandstorm or another scheme?

Is this attack on the FBI’s tattoo team the work of Shepherd, Roman and Sandstorm?

Or is this a new foe they must face before they can deal with the coming master attack from Jane’s brother and adoptive mom?

This episode features Dotcom plus more drama with Kurt’s baby mama Allison Knight, Dr. Borden and Detective Yamada asking questions about Coach Jones’ brutal slaying. Could the attack on the FBI tie back to Patterson’s discovery of the bug in Dr. Borden’s room and her suspicions about Nas?

“Blindspot” season 2 episode 7 airs Wednesday October 26 on NBC.

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