While things are going great for Blake Shelton on "The Voice," back at his ranch in Oklahoma things are getting a bit mundane for his other half, Gwen Stefani, according to a new report. It sounds like the big city girl is having a hard time adjusting to the one-horse town where the ranch is located, especially when Blake is away for his gig on "The Voice."

Stir crazy in one-horse town?

According to The Gossip Cop, the reports have Gwen asking Blake to teach her to be more like him when it comes to being country folk, but she might be rethinking that request right about now. His ranch is located in a town that has only five stores and to say Gwen is going stir crazy is an understatement, suggests the latest buzz.The report goes on to explain just how remote the area of Blake's ranch really is by sharing a story of the WiFi going down the last time Gwen and Blake were together there.

It seems that Gwen just couldn't look at another game of Monopoly.

Too much too soon?

The report also puts Gwen and Blake possibly needing a break from each other. An insider reported that Gwen goes from being rather "suffocating" from one minute to "stir crazy" the next. It seems as if the insider thinks Blake, who wanted the ranch to be just like home to Gwen and her kids, is now thinking they may have all moved a bit too fast?

As Gossip Cop suggests, this news is coming from the same media outlet that reported Blake and Gwen were about to get married. The Star is now reporting that this whirlwind love affair that started when they met on "The Voice" is falling flat. Well, this may or may not be true because it sounds as if Gwen's idea of how their relationship is going is much different than this rumor.

Looking underneath the rumor

When spoke with People Magazine this month Gwen said her idea of the country was just a park or the beach because she grew up in Anaheim. To be out on the ranch has not only been different but it's "been really fun." Both Blake and Gwensound like they are really enjoying their time together according to what Gwen said to the magazine.

The couple have been headline news since meeting on "The Voice" and having that spark of chemistry.

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