Blake Shelton recently laughed off but shot down an unwanted token of affection tossed on stage by an eager fan during his recent performance in Fargo last week. Shelton was caught a bit off guard while performing his hit tune "Nobody But Me" when a female fan sitting close enough to the stage tossed a large bra at Blake, catching it on his guitar.

Blake Shelton changes guitars mid performace!

Blake, who stopped mid-performance as the crowd laughed and cheered began to joke about the incident, telling the crowd they would "use it backstage for a hammock." A member of Blake's stage crew arrived seconds later to take both the bra and guitar from Shelton, replacing it with a bra-free instrument to finish out the set.

The incident was made light of and handled with humor but it was more than clear that Blake Shelton was not about to touch the bra or anything else it had come in contact with. Musicians and Celebrities often have to deal with unwanted items gifted to them by adoring fans. Rock stars especially are well known to leave the stage following a performance littered with lingerie, phone numbers, and assorted gifts hurled at them while performing.

Weird fan gifts far worse than Blake Shelton bra!

But this is not the oddest gift a celebrity has received from a fan, not by a long shot! Here are a few celebrities and items that have left stars more than shocked, and a little scared to say the least. Some are just completely unbelievable!

Lady Gaga once revealed receiving a very personal gift from a fan, a vibrator, imagine her surprise!

The Jonas Brothers were stunned to receive a dead baby shark from a fan, say what? Hard rocker Alice Cooper, known for his bizarre stage performances once had the tables turned after he received a small coffin containing a cat's heart inside.

Another odd animal/celebrity tale, punk rocker chick Avril Lavigne claims she was mailed a dead rabbit, "Fatal Attraction" style.

Weird huh? But it gets far worse. One Direction pop star Harry Styles once opened a gift a fan sent him containing a sanitary pad. Styles, shocked as he was, remained classy and never stated whether the gift had been new or used.

Both Jared Leto and Zac Efron received pieces of human flesh, Zac just a strip of skin, but Leto received an entire severed ear!

Dolly Parton, during the 70s, found a baby in a box on the porch of her home containing just a note saying the baby's name was "Jolene" after Dolly's hit song. The baby was taken by child protective services and Parton reveals to this day she never knew what happened to the child after that, but she wished her happiness.

All in all, we would say that Blake Shelton got off fairly easy as far as fan gifts go. But we still can't blame him for not wanting to touch the woman's bra, can you?

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