There can be no fury quite like that of a scorned Raymond Reddington. He was on a raging warpath during this week’s episode in order to get Liz back, but his animosity also extended to Mr. Kaplan for her role in the entire debacle.

Liz fights back

The season premiere ended with Kirk barely escaping Red’s rescue act, but he would not get so lucky during this episode. He clearly underestimated Liz’s capabilities, and she made him pay dearly for the lapse in judgment by crashing the flight into the ocean within minutes. After that point, the relationship between Kirk and Liz changed considerably, as Liz saves Kirk from drowning in the ocean, and convinces him to stay alive until they get rescued.

After Kirk and Liz received help from a local Cuban fishing boat, Kirk kills their savior and navigates the boat to his ‘Summer Palace.'We find out that the summer palace was actually Liz’s home from her childhood days, and after spending some time in the vicinity, Liz starts to unlock childhood memories of living in the palatial home and spending time with her mother. Kirk also tries to convince Liz that Red is the one she should fear, as he is in love with her mother and is obsessed with Liz. Liz almost begins to consider what Kirk has been saying, but the FBI show up and halt the show.

No. 66 Mato

Red, Mr. Kaplan and Dembe get taken out by one of Kirk’s henchmen at the end of the last episode, but they get timely help from Tom who manages to track down their location.

Together, they attempt to track Liz and Agnes down, but they are heavily reliant on finding Mato first, one of Kirk’s most important henchmen. Tracking Mato requires Kaplan to visit an old friend and convince him to give up Mato. This does not go down smoothly, as Tom is forced to violently torture Kaplan’s friend in order to get Mato’s location.

Eventually, the team finds Mato and gets him to give up Kirk’s location. Mato has Agnes in his custody, but he sends her away to Kirk’s location just before getting caught. Reddington uses the FBI’s help to raid the summer palace and rescue Liz. Unfortunately for them, Kirk manages to escape capture yet again, and even though Liz has been reunited with Tom, they still do not have Agnes with them.

The episode ends on a truly terrifying note, as Red takes Mr. Kaplan to a secluded spot, and shoots her down for having betrayed him.

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