Created in 2012 by Charlie Brooker and aired first on Channel 4, a popular English tv station, "Black Mirror" returns with a new season but with some adjustments. In fact, Netflixbought the rights of the series and the episodes will come out all at once.

Furthermore, the number of episodes is doubled: from three 45-minutes long episodes to six 90 minutes long episodes.Brooker had to leave the screenplay of two episodes to other people in order to focus better on the entire series. Nevertheless, every episode is still overseen by him.

Not everything has changed: we have to fear the technology

Technically, we should refer to "Black Mirror" as an anthology where every episode is unbounded from one another. Every plot begins and ends in the same episode. For this characteristic, it is singular that Netflix bought the rights of the series because one of its main strengths is to offer a fair amount of episodes per series in order to satisfy subscribers.

If the episodes are independent, their theme remains the same. The main focus of Brooker’s work is to show the negative aspects of technology and its potential damage to our society.

Of course, the creator did not forget about social networks that can lead to an extreme apathy for the people, or they can become the main purpose of people’s lives. The series debates also about wearable technology andartificial intelligence.Meanwhile, other episodes focus also on politics.

Also, the episode’s style is very similar throughout the series. In fact, all of them are characterized by psychological-thriller plots with some creepy and grim aspects, such as the first episode.

Certainly, it is not a series for everyone, but the blunt nature is used to emphasize the cognitive-emotional aspect of an irrational and excessive use of technology.

It starts with 'Nosedive'

The third season begins October 21st on Netflix.Talking about the first episode only,it is described by the very same Brooker as the story of an office worker called Lacie (Bryce Dallas Horward) who lives her life trying to please everyone.

This is because she lives in a world where each person is tagged with a numerical rating that can change according to people’s interest. She wants to increase her rating to join an old friend, Naomi (Alice Eve) who is one of society’s elites. This behaviour proves soon to be catastrophic for Lacie’s well-being.

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