Blac Chyna, the8-months pregnant girlfriend of Rob Kardashianis over the moon about being Rob's baby mama (it's officially his--she had a paternity test). Amid baby updates, she nonchalantly Snapchatted her baby weight gain, and it's seriously scary. Remember how the Reality TV star was always after Kardashian to lose weight? Maybe karma is taunting the fat-shamingweight loss preacher of "Rob & Chyna" with major pregnancy weight gain. Or, perhaps she's sick or planning to surprise everyone with twins.

Anyway, Chyna is cool with gaining weight but should she be? A 50-70 pound weight gain is nothing to take lightly. Maternal obesity can spell health problems for mother and baby. It will definitely make postpartum weight loss a bear.

So how much does Blac Chyna weigh?

186.6 pounds was the number Rob's baby mama showed on the scale, with only four weeks and some change left until delivery. So Chyna is like 34-36 weeks along. Estimating her starting weight at 136 pounds, that's a 50-pound weight gain.

And she still has the last month, when the baby puts on the most weight, left to go. It's also the period when the body starts producing fluid, blood, etc, in preparation for giving birth. Ergo it's the time when a mother-to-be should be gaining the most weight, not the first two trimesters. At this rate, the reality TV star will weigh 200 pounds, with serious maternal obesity and have a dickens of a time with postpartum weight loss.

Widely-believed pregnancy weight fallacies

Here's a funny little misnomer on baby weight gain--baby only needs about 20-25 pounds for a comfortable pregnancy The child only takes up her own weight 6-9 pounds or so.

After birth, a woman only loses the weight of the baby, placenta and a little fluid--about 10-12 pounds. Baby didn't make mother put on those extra 20-50 pounds--mom putting her hand in the cookie jar did. High maternal weight predisposes moms to gestational diabetes, placenta previa or other pregnancy dangers. The whole idea of eating for two is a bit erroneous--eating for 1.05 or so would be more accurate.

At least Chyna's not dieting and that's good, right?

Pregnant women shouldn't be following any crazy-restrictive diets but then no one should. They need extra protein, calcium, vitamins, minerals, good fats, fiber--but then everyone does. Eating healthy foods in moderation, minding portion control and yes, even a little calorie counting will ensure baby has the healthiest womb environment. The "Keeping up with the Kardashians" mom will have the best chance of getting her pre-pregnant body back, too.

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