Billy Bush can exhale now that he has learned he will not lose his new job with NBC's "Today Show." NBC and producers of the morning talk show are appalled by what they heard in Bush's conversation with the Republican candidate Donald Trump. Bush is heard laughing and egging Trump on in the lewd and offensive conversation about women while on the tour bus for "Access Hollywood" where Bush was working eleven years ago. Fortunately for Bush, his job is safe with NBC. He and his family recently moved cross country to be in his native New York.

Bush's statement

Billy Bush blames his action on his age. He made a statement that he was young and immature in 2005. He admits that he is horribly embarrassed by what he said when he engaged in the conversation with Trump. NBC officials aren't firing Bush because they agreed that he was much younger and was in a different place than he is today. The 44-year-old co-host will not be disciplined and is expected to be on his job during the third hour of the "Today Show" on Monday morning.

Bush criticized on social media

Most of the news is about the future of Donald Trump and not much about Billy Bush's part of the conversation. Bush was the 70-year-old businessman's host at the time the vulgar videotape was made. Their microphones were on, and they could be heard loud and clear as they talked about Billy's co-host Nancy Odell and Arianne Zucker, "Days of Our Lives" actress who met them at the bus to show Trump around the set.

Many people on social media criticized Bush for not speaking out about Trump long before the video was made public. On Friday Bush was getting so many negative comments on his Twitter and Facebook pages that he has deactivated his accounts.After all, Bush has a wife and three daughters. Bush works around women on his current job.

Some commenters said Billy should have stood up for Nancy Odell sincetheywere co-workers at the time. Several hundred people have signed a petition for Billy Bush to be fired. Do you think he should get fired from his job for his part in the conversation?

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