By now, fans of Billy Bush know that he was fired from the third hour of NBC's "Today" show.The 45-year-old former "Access Hollywood" co-host was hired by NBC in August and worked there only two months. After a video of a2005 lewd conversation with Republican nominee Donald Trumpwas aired, things changed fast for Bush. At first, NBC said Bush would not lose his job. Then he was suspended indefinitely while the situation was investigated. Ultimately, Bush was fired from his $3 million a year job. Even though it was reported that he received a settlement for an undisclosed amount, the former television personality is saddened that NBC would not allow him to return to make a public apology on the air.

He did make a statement on social media before he closed his accounts. He stated he was embarrassed about what happened eleven years ago when he was much younger and immature.

Job prospect

Billy Bush will more than likely return to television one day. However, no one knows when that oneday will be. Sources say he asked for his job back at "Access Hollywood." His old position had already been filled by Natalie Morales. However, he is reportedly being considered by other networks. His settlement from NBC does not include a non-compete clause. That means he is not prohibited from working for another network if another network wants to hire him.It has been reported that television executives are having conversations about hiring Bush.

They are just waiting for the right time to do so. Friends of Bush say he is not considering looking for another job until after the election.

Moving back to LA

When the former co-host moved to New York, he was buying and renovation a townhouse in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. It would have taken two years for the renovation to be complete.

In the meantime, he was living in an apartment. He reduced the 7,248 square foot Chelsea house from $8.9 million to $8.5 million when he listed it. The townhouse was advertised to have fivebedrooms and six baths. Built in 1901, the house has an elevator, fireplace, roof deck, garden, private pool and hot tub.

All renovation has been stopped on the house. Bush has been living in Los Angeles since his troubles began, and reportedly he is moving back there.

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