Earlier NBC said Billy Bush would not lose his job on the third hour of the "Today Show" for his part in the Donald Trump 2005 videotape. However, NBC has changed its mind and has suspended Bush indefinitely. That is so unfortunate because he has had that position for only two months. He moved his wife and three daughtersfrom Los Angeles to his native New York. He formerly worked for "Access Hollywood." He and Natalie Morales switched positions.

Statement from NBC

At first, officials at NBC said Bush was young and immature eleven years ago, but he has changed now. On Sunday, Executive Producer Noah Oppenheim concluded in a memo to NBC staff that there is no excuse for the language and behavior Billy usedin the conversation with Trump.

Bush has not been fired, but he has been suspended until a review of the matter is done. The television personality issued a statement on Friday saying he was embarrassed, but it wasn't enough to keep him from being suspended. It was reported that he was going to make a statement on the third hour of the "Today Show" on Monday. However, he has been suspended and will not be there along with Tamron Hall and Al Roker.

NBC reversed its decision

NBC News had no original plans to fire, suspend, or discipline Bush. Over the weekend there had been a huge backlash on social media. Hundreds of people had signed a petition for the co-host to be fired. Most of the people who signed the petitionare women.The tape turns out to be an embarrassment for NBC News.

The 2005 videotape

By now, most people have seen the 2005 videotape of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Billy Bush in a conversation when Trump used vulgar and lewd language about kissing and groping women. The incident he talked about happened soon after hemarried his third wife, Melanie.

Billy laughed and egged Trump on, and at times Billy used some bad language himself. The two men were on the "Access Hollywood" tour bus taking Trump to the set to make a cameo appearance on "Days of Our Lives." Since the tape was released on Friday, Bush has been criticized on his social media pages so much that he has deactivated his accounts.

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