Billy Bush has officially made his exit from the "Today" show after reaching a settlementwith NBC after several days of negotiations. The executive of the popular morning, Noah Oppenheim, confirmed the news to the staff on Monday, October 17, 2016. Bush was hired to be a co-host on the 9 a.m. hour of the morning talk show along with Tamron Hall and Al Roker. His assignment lasted only two months. His termination was because of his lewd conversation with Donald Trump that was taped when he was working for "Access Hollywood" eleven years ago.

First, it was reported that he would not lose his job. Then he was suspended. Ultimately, he was released permanently.

Statements about Bush's exit

Oppenheim's statement simply said Bush' exit was effective on Monday. He also stated that the terminated employee was a valued colleague. Billy was wished success as he moves forward. The former co-host also released a statement on Monday evening. He said he is thankful for the support from his family, friends, and colleagues. He looks forward to what lies ahead.

No one has revealed what the settlement was. It was only described as "an undisclosed amount." The 45-year-old television personality signed a three-year contractwith the network earlier this year for a reported $3.5 million a year. While rumors said the former co-host would receive a $10 million settlement, Bush's lawyer, Marshall Grossman, denied those rumors.

What's next for Bush?

Billy Bush was comfortable working for "Access Hollywood" until an opportunity became available for him to move back to his native home in New York.

He moved his wife and three daughters from Los Angeles. Now that he no longer has a job at NBC, what's next for Bush? No one knows at this time. We do know that his exit deal does not include a non-compete clause. That means he is not hindered from getting a job with another network right away if another network wants to hire him. A source close to Bush says he is not in a hurry to get another job, and he is likely to keep a low profile until after the election.

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