It is just a rumor that Billy Bush has been asked to be a celebrity contestant on ABC's popular dance competition show. Reports from ABC revealed that the network in not planning to invite Bush to use the dance floor to redeem himself as Ryan Lochte is trying to do after his troubles. According to Bush's settlement, he is not prohibited from appearing on another network if that network invites him to do so. However, that is not the case with ABC's "Dancing With The Stars."

Lochte on 'Dancing with the Stars'

Billy Bush getting an offer from "Dancing with the Stars" to appear on next season's show is different from the circumstances surrounding Ryan Lochte being on the show for Season 23.

First of all, Lochte had a contract with "Dancing with the Stars" before he went to the Summer Olympics in Rio. In other words, his contract was inked before he lied about a robbery. It looks like Lochte's plan to go on "DWTS" was to get the support of Americans. However, his initial plan was not to go on "DWTS" to be redeemed because no redemption was necessary when he signed up for the opportunity.

Bush might be looking into doing something to help Americans see that he is not a bad person following the scandal and the loss of his job, but being on "Dancing with the Stars" is not at the top of his list.

Neither is it at the top of the show's list to invite him to be on their show next season or any season.

Billy Bush's exit from NBC

Billy Bush was fired from NBC's "Today" show after a videotape was publicized when he and Republican nominee Donald Trump were in a lewd conversation in 2005. At the time, Bush was a host for "Access Hollywood." Since then,Bush was hired by NBC and had only been in his position for two months during the third hour of "Today." He was released fromhis $3 million a yearjob last week and reached an undisclosed settlementfrom NBC.

What's in store for the former co-host? No one knows at this particular time. Billy hasn't had enough time to sort out his career path yet. Fans of the firedtelevision personality are confident that he will make a comeback, but it will not be with dancing shoes, at least not now.

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