Initially, producers of ABC and the "Today" show said Billy Bush would not be disciplined for being in a lewd discussion with Donald Trump. Then he was suspended indefinitely until further investigation concerning the matter is completed. Now, it lookslike Bush will not get his job back. This is so unfortunate because he has been on the third hour of the NBC shows since August. He moved his wife and three children from Los Angeles to his native New York. The 45-year-old formerly worked for "Access Hollywood" from 2001 until he and Natalie Morales switched positions over the summer.

Billy Bush's attorney.

On Billy Bush's birthday, October 13, it was reported that he has hired prominent lawyer Marshall Grossmanand entertainment lawyer Bob Lange to represent him after been suspended indefinitely from his new job at the "Today" show. So far, his attorney said the host of "Assess Hollywood" was only doing his job at the time the 2005 tape was made of him being in a lewd conversation with Donald Trump. The highly repeated LA attorney contends that if Bush had told Trump to shut up, he would have been fired from "Access Hollywood" the very next day.

Grossman also suggested that Bush has leverage because he told the network about the tape before it was shown on television last week. Bush says NBC executives knew more about the tape than they claim to know. Bush feels comfortable with his case in the hands of Grossman. The attorney has been successful after representing and winning cases for Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood, and the more recently represented Erin Andrews.

Billy Bush's statement.

As soon as the tape was played over and over on television last Friday, Bush immediately made a statement that he was young and immature eleven years ago. He said he was embarrassed and ashamed. Things got worse for the co-host when he was notified on October 9 that he was suspended indefinitely pending an internal review. There has been speculation that he will never return to his $3 million job.

Two days after being notified of his suspension, NBC was in negotiations for Bush's exit from his job.Billy might be leaving the "Today" show, but he is not leaving quietly. Other than hiring Grossman, Bush has also enlisted the services of Goldin Solutions, the New York-based crisis PR and strategy firm run by David Goldin.

Bush's future.

Bush has not officially been fired yet, but the handwriting is on the wall that he will probably never work for NBC again. It was reported that he met with NBC executives over the weekend in Los Angeles and begged for his old job back at "Access Hollywood." He was told that wouldn't happen.

In the meantime, the embattled co-host is searching for another hosting job.

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