There is big news out for “Big Brother” fans as Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd have welcomed their baby boy. Jeff shared the big news via Instagram and fans are going wild celebrating alongside the fan-favorite couple. What's the scoop?

The 'Big Brother' baby has arrived for Jordan and Jeff

Jeff and Jordan just welcomed baby boy Lawson Keith Schroeder and the “Big Brother” family appears to be doing well. Schroeder didn't share any more specifics in his Instagram post other than that the baby had arrived as well as his name alongside a picture of Lawson and Jordan.

The post garnered more than 10,000 "likes" in only an hour or so, with nearly 1,000 comments from fans congratulating the couple.

It seems that little Lawson arrived a few days early, as Jeff and Jordan had just been sharing posts on social media and YouTube about the surprise baby shower they had just held for her. Another recent Instagram post of Lloyd's showed a video of the baby kicking her belly and she said she'd be seeing her little guy very soon. Schroeder and Lloyd will surely have some fun stories to tell about the baby's early arrival, although she was very close to her due date at this point.

The surprise pregnancy shook up Schroeder and Lloyd's wedding plans

The “Big Brother” pair surprised fans in April by revealing that they were expecting their first baby and the surprise pregnancy shifted the wedding plans they had been putting together. They revealed via Us Weekly that they were expecting a baby boy and they revealed some of the details about their quiet and secret wedding that they held once they knew they were expecting.

Lawson was due on October 20, so he arrived just a week early, and it looks like he's healthy and doing well.

Jeff and Jordan met on “Big Brother” during Season 11 in the summer of 2009 and he proposed during a special appearance on the show during Season 16 in 2014. The couple had been planning a big, traditional wedding, but now they say they'll hold an event for their family and friends to attend next year.

Congratulations to Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd on the arrival of Lawson Keith Schroeder! "Big Brother" fans are thrilled for the couple and cannot wait to get more scoop about the baby's arrival.

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