The news that fans have been waiting for is here courtesy of Big Brother Network. Jeff and Jordan Schroeder have finally had their baby. This couple met and fell in love on the reality show. Now they are doing great and just had their first bundle of joy. They teased this week that they were close and the "Big Brother" baby is here. It sounds like everything went great, but so far they haven't shared how big their little baby was when it was born.

Find out the baby details

Jeff Schroeder shared on Twitter at 3 p.m.

today that the baby was born. They had already told fans that they were having a little boy. Jeff revealed that Jordan did great and they named their son Lawson Keith Schroeder. They just had a baby shower so hopefully, they were all ready for their little bundle of joy to get here. Fans couldn't be happier.

This is not the first "Big Brother" baby ever, though.

Fellow alumni Rachel and Brendon’s have a beautiful little girl Adora. The way that showmances have been lately, it wouldn't be surprising if another baby comes soon from another couple. This show has a really great success rate of couples working after the show. As of right now, three couples from last season are still together. Nicole and Corey, James and Natalie and Paulie and Zakiyah are all dating now that the show has ended.

More about the couple

Jeff and Jordan actually had a big wedding planned, but then they found out she was pregnant. The couple decided to just go ahead and get married. They are a fan favorite couple of this show, and the fans can't get enough of them. Jeff is always coming back to do things with the show. Hopefully, this means that the viewers will get to see a lot of their son growing up and he may even make an appearance on the show at some point.

Are you happy to hear that Jeff and Jordan Schroeder had their baby? Do you think that any of the couples from this season will last? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. Right now you can watch "Big Brother: Over the Top" online or on the CBS app.

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