For “The Bold and The Beautiful” fans that also love “Big Brother,"the Tuesday October 25, 2016 B&B episode will be a thriller. “BB18” houseguests Victor Arroyo, Paul Abrahamian and Da’Vonne Rogers will guest on the CBS soap and it sounds exciting.

'BB18' Sitting Ducks and Mama Day on 'B&B'!

“The Bold and The Beautiful” has done reality TV crossovers before with “Survivor 32” Kaoh Rong jack of all trades Debbie Wanner who made an appearance as a chef preparing a gourmet breakfast in Spencer Publications’ head honcho Bill Spencer Jr’s office.

Debbie mocked her own Survivor persona as she cooked up breakfast for Spencer and pals.

So what will Victor, Paul and Da’Vonne be up to? Paul Abrahamian teased on Snapchat when he leaked a bit of the script which shows him interacting with Don Diamont (Bill Spencer Jr) and Darin Brooks (Wyatt Fuller).

Is this Victor Arroyo’s big break?

If you watched “BB18” you’ll know that “Big Brother 18” houseguest Victor Arroyo had acting aspirations so is this his big chance to make a big impression on the CBS Daytime decision makers? Could Victor land a part on a soap? The Latin hottie certainly has the looks for it.

Other CBS Daytime and CBS Reality crossovers include “The Young and The Restless” when it featured “Survivor 31” Cambodia contestants Jeremy Collins (who won the season) alongside hunky man bun dude Joe Anglim.

CBS celebrates 30 years as tops in daytime

This is a great time for CBS Daytime as they celebrate 30 years in the number one rated spot for soaps and daytime programming. In addition to “The Bold and The Beautiful” cameos from the “Big Brother 18” houseguests, “The Price is Right” will feature guests from “The Talk” and “Big Brother.”

But one of the biggest surprises for "The Price is Right" fans is when Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott) from "The Young and The Restless" played TPIR model and delivered a shiny red new car to a big winner on the CBS daytime game show.

If that's not enough, CBS is thumping its chest with a Paley Museum exhibit showing off artifacts from “The Price is Right” including the big wheel, Victor Newman’s office set from “The Young and The Restless” and a fashion runway from “The Bold and The Beautiful.”

Look for more CBS Daytime crossovers all month long.

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