After the exit of Priyanka Jagga, one of the most hated commoners inside BigBoss’ house in the first week and Manu Panjabi shedding tears on her departure from the show, viewers have got the glimpse how ‘masaledaar’ "Bigg Boss 10" is going to be that has come with a twist this time.

Roles reversed: commoners become sevak's

The second week will see new nominations, new controversies and new fights too in ‘Big Boss’ domain as in Monday’s episode Manoj Punjabi and Mona Lisa looked to come closer and Karan Mehra pointed this closeness.

In the first episode of the new week, Big Boss summoned all housemates in the garden area and punished commoners for discussing nominations and altered their position to Sevak’s and made celebrities new ‘Malik’s’.

Now it was celebrities turn to take on citizens, and Rahul Dev was first on to send Swamiji out of dining area. Rohan Mehra also had word fight with Swami ji. Swami ji crossed all limits and accused all inmates of planning his murder.

Commoners fight with each other

Lokesh Kumari and Manu fall in a heated argument as when Manu asked her to make tea she passed the work to Akansha Sharma.

This irritated Manu, and he argued with Lokesh Kumari. Karan Mehra expressed his concerns to Mona about Manu getting closer to her and she needs to keep a distance with him. Mona confronted Manu over this who in turn asked her to ignore the manipulations by others.


Nominations were done in a very creative way as inmates have been invited to nominate two persons by putting foam on the nominee's face. Manveer Gujjar, Manu, Nitibha kaul, and Akansha are among the commoners to be nominated while Rohan, Gaurav Chopra, Mona Lisa, are the celebrities in danger.

A fight broke between Manveer and Omji as the Gujjar boy blamed Swami ji for being double faced and backstabbing their own team, instead of supporting the commoner’s teams.

Swami ji remains in the heated picture as he gets into an argument with Navin Prakash in the dining area.

The episode, however, had few moments when inmates tried to teach Swami ji hair pangs and he really looked cute for once. (Cute! Omg! really! And shhh.. he was staring at Mona’s legs while she was dancing in the morning.

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