Beyonce proved to be the epitome of a professional at her New York concert on Saturday night when she started to bleed after her long braid caught one of her earrings and ripped it out of ear. Despite this painful incident, Beyonce never missed a beat as she belted out a song at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Earring ripped from her ear!

That earring came out with enough force to leave her ear bleeding, but Beyonce just wiped away the blood and continued on with her "Haunted" song. Beyonce was in Brooklyn for her Tidal X: 1015 performance.

Folks in the audience witnessed Beyonce's earring incident and they hopped on the social media sites to give her kudos for literally ignoring her injury and going forward with the show.

Beyonce proved she's the queen when it comes to the stage as it was going to take a lot more than a stream of blood from her ear to get off track.

All eyes on Beyonce.

She got high marks all around Saturday night not only for her performance, but also for the costumes she sported on the stage. She was "flawless," reports ET Online. Beyonce had just finished up her Formation World Tour at the beginning of October, playing her final show in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

She wrapped up her tour with that show in New Jersey and in pure Beyonce style she ended her months of performing on the road with a bang. The fans were surprised to see new costumes on the singer and they were treated to special guests at her final concert of the tour in New Jersey.

Wraps up tour with a bang.

Beyonce trotted out Jay Z, Serena Williams and Kendrick Lamar on stage to a pleasantly surprised audience. Queen Bey has not only honed in on the charisma needed to capture an audience on stage, but also has folks mesmerized by her latest Ivy Park commercial seen below. In this commercial her special guests are none other than Blue Ivy and Jay Z.

Home movies in recent Ivy Park ad.

The video plays more like a home movie at times, with Jay Zand their daughter Blue Ivy suddenly appearing for a few seconds in clips throughout the commercial. The workout she shares in this ad is enough to make you tired just from watching it.

This is one busy mom and performer!

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