Beyonce fans are causing seven levels of angst by cutting their ears to show solidarity with the injured singer. They're posting images of their bleeding ears on social mediabearing the hastag #BleedforBeyonce like it's a stigmata they're proud to wear. To some it's just a childish need for attention but others see it as a mockup of self-harm. Did Queen Bey's fans just throw shade at cutting? Is it just theatrical posturing? Whatever the case, cutting isn't sanitary or healthy for sure.

Cutting ears shows solidarity with suffering?

Some of the Twitter posts are so melodramatic they make your toes curl. Beyonce tore her earlobe during a concert when it got caught on her ponytail. And you'd have thought she was eviscerated alive the way folks carried on. She did power through but mostly because Beyonce didn't know she was bleeding. The earlobe has very little sensitivity which is why you can pierce it without feeling much pain. But fans felt the need to be with their wounded queen in her hour of need and #CutforBeyonce (even though she wasn't aware she was cut or in need).

Symbolic cutting insensitive to real self-harmers

Self-harm is a real illness and those who suffer with a cutting habit don't find it anything to laugh about. Self-harming is an addiction, similar to substance abuse or comfort eating(only without the comfort).Like other addictions, cutting is stress-related. When a person with this habit is anxious, frustrated or depressed, he may resort to self-mutilation.

Other forms of self-harm are burning, head-banging, biting, hitting or other acts of violence upon the self. It is a frightening condition for others to witness but even more terrifying for the person doing it. There is a sense of release after self-harming but also extreme shame, revulsion and self-loathing.

Cutting is dangerous, whatever the cause

Regardless of the purpose,self-harmis unsafe. Any form of injury opens one up to infection.

There are blood-borne pathogens, scarring, dangers from dirty implements used in cutting, etc. And it begs the question: does Beyonce really want people cutting in her honor?

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