Bethenny Frankel is now dealing with another cancellation. She once had a talk show called, "Bethenny" on network television but it was swiftly canceled after just one season. Now, she has also lost her Sirius XM show as well.

According to All About the Tea, Bethenny Frankel's talk show on SiriusXM was canceled due to a meltdown. "B Realwith Bethenny" was on hiatus for the summer but she was due back in September. She has not returned and will not. Despite the reason behind the cancellation being talked about, SiriusXM is taking the high road and put out a statement that said it was a limited-run series.

Frankel is busy with Bravo and other projects and will not be returning.

What did Bethenny do?

It was reported that Bethenny Frankel made a huge spectacle at a Coldplay concert in the Hamptons back in August. The event was incredibly exclusive, with big wigs from all aspects of the rich world. Frankel apparently was upset because the women in front of her refused to sit down during the concert. In an effort to get back at them, Frankel ordered a cocktail from the bar and dumped it over the women. While one lady reportedly ran out of the concertbecause she was wearing white, the other woman was angry enough to complain to SiriusXM.

Frankel's bad judgment cost her the show.

This is not the first time Bethenny Frankel has made a scene in public. She is known for her "no bulls**t" attitude but has taken it too far a time or two. While there has been no comment from Frankel regarding the latest cancellation, it will likely be commented on sooner rather than later. Since SiriusXM is making it appear to be a limited-run, there is some saving face happening.

When does 'RHONY' return?

The "Real Housewives of New York" should be beginning to film again soon. Bethenny Frankel hasn't confirmed her return but it is incredibly likely she will be doing at least one more season. There was a lot that happened last season and she became somewhat of the mean girl this time around. Fans love Frankel and her bluntness, but not everyone in the real world feels the same.

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