The Bermuda Triangle is one of those places on Earth that is believed by some to hold mysterious powers after many strange disappearances in the area dating back decades have still not been solved. One of the most famous cases of all the missing planes, boats and people happened in 1945 when Flight 19, consisting of five torpedo bombers on a training mission, disappeared shortly after they radioed in that their compasses were malfunctioning. The five planes carrying 14 men were never found.

Flight 19 still a mystery

A rescue mission set out to find Flight 19 and one of those planes was also lost and never heard from again.

It wasn't until 1964 that the area was deemed the Bermuda triangle after more boats and planes seemingly vanished in that one section of the Atlantic Ocean.Theories of paranormal activities have long been attached to the Bermuda Triangle, with many believing the boats and ships were taken by UFOs that either come down from the sky or up from the ocean's depths to whisk these vessels away.

Microbursts called 'air bombs'

According to Bustle and Fox News live on Friday, scientists believe they have found the mystery of the disappearances. The ocean that spread out in a triangle is sometimes referred to as "the devil's triangle."The shape of a triangle is formed with one point each on Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico.

The Science Channel's "What on Earth" has taken on the Bermuda Triangle mystery and scientists believe that mystery is now solved. What these planes and ships are running into are called "Air bombs." These are rare strong microbursts that spawn winds of up to 170 miles per hour. These winds come from the clouds above and they shoot down to the waters below.

Once they hit the water they blow waves over 45-feet high, which are surely large enough to knock over a ship!

Hexagonal cloud formations on satellite

Satellite images taken of the western side of the Bermuda Triangle have shown bizarre hexagonal cloud formations. These are "air bombs" forming over the ocean and when they let loose in a microburst,the winds come down hard onto the ocean.

Category 5 Hurricane-like winds

The force of these spinning windscreate waves that are massive and these waves can topple even the largest of ships, sending them and anything they carry down to the bottom of the ocean floor. The force of these winds can litterally suck a planeout of the sky. In comparison to the strength of these winds, a hurricane is deemed a category 5 once its wind speed hits 157 miles per hour.

The paranormal explanations have long been ignored by the scientific community, whose main theory has been some type of weather phenomenonfor an explanation for these mysterious disappearances. After what these scientists have found today it looks as though they may be right!

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