The actress Bella Thorne (19) gave an interview to Maxim magazine where she confirmed her bisexuality and said she liked Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus. Her answer is important for people who do not dare to express their bisexuality because it is thought that this is a state of confusion and that people should choose a man or a woman. The "Big Love" star claims that bisexuality exists and is very real because she was in love with men and women. Bella only wants to be herself and has no problems talking about her sexual preferences.



The teen actress came out as bisexual via Twitter in August this year and she felt fantastic after revealing publicly. It was very simple: a fan asked if she was bisexual, she said yes and posted a picture kissing a girl. The girl in the picture was Bella Pendergast, the former girlfriend of her brother Remi Thorne. The press asked the actress if there was a romance between them and they said no, they are only friends.


She did not want problems with her brother Remi.

On September 23, the Bisexual Visibility Day, "The Duff" star shared a lot of kisses with her female friends from the Snapchat of Galore magazine. The artist asked her fans to accept bisexuality as something natural. Bella also claims to be in this industry is very hard, many people in Hollywood tell her that she is overexposed, referring to her sexy photos on social networks and speaking of her sexuality. She will continue doing what she wants and does not care what others think.

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Currently Bella is dating the actor Tyler Posey (24) and the relationshp really works. The actress told Maxim magazine how it would be an ideal romance: a partner who will accept you as you are, regardless of the opinions of others. Surely Bella found all that in Tyler, that's why we see them so happy. Many young Celebrities like Bella have publicly confessed their bisexuality: Kesha, Miley Cyrus, Aubrey Plaza, Amber Heard, and Sara Ramirez have all expressed a sincerity with their own bisexuality.

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