JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers may have gotten engaged during the finale of ABC's “The Bachelorette” 2016 season, but they've struggled to convince a good number of fans that they are legitimately in love and happy with one another. Rumors swirled throughout the airing of their season, but they have claimed that all is well. The two say that a wedding is the ultimate goalfor them, but the buzz continues to be that they are faking things in their relationship. What's the latest?

Are JoJo and Jordan pretending to be together and happy?

The “Bachelorette” stars are living in Dallas, Texas these days, but he travels quite a bit for his new broadcasting gig.

JoJo Fletcher posts more on social media about the two of them together than Jordan Rodgers does, and lately, she had made a habit of posting floral bouquets that she implies are from her fiance. According to Life & Style, however, she's just been sending them to herself.

A supposed pal reveals that Fletcher hasn't been getting the attention from Rodgers that she wants, so she's sending the flowers to herself regularly to try to convince “Bachelorette” fans that her fiance is very romantic and head-over-heels in love with her. However, the pal claims that Jordan isn't all that much into JoJo and is much more focused on his broadcasting gig than his fiancee. Unfortunately, a fair number of social media followers have suspected the very same thing.

Many 'Bachelorette' fans suspect that Fletcher and Rodgers are faking things

Adding insult to injury, the pal indicates that JoJo and Jordan's relationship is phony and that everybody around them is fully aware of that. Fletcher and Rodgers may have noted recently that they still have every intention of getting married, but not all “Bachelorette” fans saw this as coming off as all that sincere.

A fair number of fans do love these two together, however, and believe that they are happy and in love.

Do you think that JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers are just faking things or are they legitimately in love? Will this “Bachelorette” pair soon split or eventually tie the knot?

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