“The Bachelorette Australia” star Georgia Love gave her final rose to Lee Elliott over Matty Johnson this week and fans cannot stop buzzing about this finale. Spoilers had already emerged detailing that Matty and Lee were the final two, but fans were torn over which bachelor they felt should get that last rose. Now that the decision has been made, fans wonder what comes next.

Lee is supporting Georgia during her mother's cancer battle

As the Daily Telegraph notes, Georgia Love's mother has been dealing with pancreatic cancer, a diagnosis that came just as filming for “The Bachelorette Australia” was set to begin.

Unfortunately, Georgia's mother Brenda is now in palliative care as a result of the fight with the aggressive cancer, Yahoo! News details. Lee Elliot says that one of the best things about the finale finally airing is that he can now openly be with Georgia and her family as they face the difficult days ahead.

It's clear that Georgia and Lee have spent quite a bit of time together while their relationship had to stay a secret, but now they don't have to take the extra steps to be cautious and stay hidden, especially during such a difficult time for the Love family.

Elliot notes that the situation has reiterated how much he wants to support his love and be with her, and he notes that he is thankful that everybody now knows that he fell in love with her and that they're together.

Did the 'Bachelorette Australia' stars already get married?

There had been some rumors floating around that Lee and Georgia already got married so that Belinda could see them hitched, but the “Bachelorette” lovebirds say that isn't at all true.

They note that it's far too soon for them to plan their wedding, and it sounds as if they're even cautious about moving in together quite yet.

Love and Elliot say that when they do get married, they want a big celebration. It seems that Georgia's entire family loves Lee, and Belinda is thrilled by her daughter's pick. The “Bachelorette Australia” couple may be facing some difficult times right now with Belinda's illness, but they say that they've stuck together and leaned on one another, and Lee called Georgia his soulmate, his best mate, and the love of his life.

Matty Johnson was obviously crushed to learn at the final rose ceremony that he was not chosen, and fans were crushed as well. Could the “Bachelorette Australia” finalist go on to become the next “Bachelor” lead? Some fans have been speculating about the possibility and he would clearly have a very dedicated fan base if he were to head in that direction.

Do you think that Georgia Love and Lee Elliot will make it? “The Bachelorette Australia” fans are definitely buzzing over this finale and will be quite curious to see what comes next.

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